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Cana Wines are the sole UK importer of these outstanding wines. Casabella is rooted in Ziano Piacentino's story. Back in the 19th century Count Luigi Montemartini saw the value of this land in Oltrepó Pavese. He understood the thriving agriculture, including the wine growing, and created the first social wineries enabling the many small growers to become entrepreneurs. These consortium also grew in other provinces of Alessandria, Cuneo, Piacenza, Pavia and Turin. The management by Montemartini ceased in 1914. Wine production in the Ziano location continued and in 1991 a group of growers pooled their efforts more formally to secure 50 acres under the name of Casabella. Further expansion in 1998, including the building of new cellars at the foot of the Castell'Arquato hills on the outskirts of the village. The current director, Gianfranco Rossi, has a deep appreciation for the history of Ziano Piacentini wines, and oversees the production of typical varieties, Barbera, Bonarda, Ortrugo and Malvasia.
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