A New Age

So, it’s all gone a bit weird. Our business was 90% trade to pubs and restaurants just one week ago.
Whatever our business is going through, does not compare to the stress our staff in the NHS are under.

Our friends and colleagues abroad are on total lockdown. Italy in particular is a desperate place right now.

All of a sudden Coronavirus has closed our customers and turned us on our head. Supporting independents will be crucial over the next months, and the effect may last.

Maybe we all rely too much on the multiples, the supermarkets, the high street chains. It’s time to value local businesses.

Many pubs and restaurants have made the switch to takeaway, and we can all support them this way, now that we can’t socialise in the way we used to. We need them to still be there when things improve. Our own business will adapt. We need to ramp up local deliveries and provide a great service.

I live in hope that when this crazy episode is all a distant memory, it will have made a global difference to animal welfare & food hygiene.

Stay safe everyone.

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